Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Worship With Wooten

I can't wait to worship God tonight. I know, it seems strange. Worship God on a Tuesday? Who does that? Is there a special event at church? No. Is Chris Tomlin coming to town? No. Is there a Rick Warren special on ABC? No. So what's going on? Victor Wooten is coming to Rams Head Onstage at 7pm tonight and I'm expecting him to draw me into the presence of God. Is Wooten a Christian? I have no idea. But he, like everyone, was created in the image of God and when he plays bass it shows. When building the Temple, which was of course designed for the sole purpose of Worshiping Yahweh, King Solomon hired workers from the city of Tyre who themselves did not profess faith in Israel's God. (1 Kings 5) Yet because of their skill he knew that their work would bring glory to God. If I were making a worship album and Victor was available to play on it I'd hire him in a second!!
So if you can worship God at Rams Head why go to church at all? Because my weekly time in corporate worship and study of the Scriptures helps me keep my thinking straight concerning the full scope of who and what He and His plan is and allows me to more fully appreciate and worship Him at a concert or wherever I am. The beauty of music alone is powerful and can do much to lift one's spirits. But as the handmaiden of theology (to steal from Luther) music can truly heal the soul. As Wooten lays down some fat grooves tonight I will enter into the presence of God through the door of God's beauty. From there I will be reminded of His other attributes--His love, that he cares about me and is committed to me; HIs patience, that his love continues even when I don't return the sentiment; His omniscience and wisdom, that He knows my situation and how to best love me; His sovereignty, He has the power to do it; and His grace, that He will do it no matter the cost.


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